Tablet cases

Tablet cases

Screenor manufactures a wide selection of cases for tablets and mobile phones. All cases are designed in Finland and special attention is paid to functionality and the detailed finish. Cases are available in different materials and in a variety of tempting colours. Enjoy the carefree use of your portable device and give it a longer life span!


Choose the tablet or phone alternative from below. More information on selecting the case most suitable for your needs is available here.

Tablet cases

Tablets 6.8"-7.6"

The universal tablet case size S is suitable for all tablets with the screen size less than 7.6", Samsung Note 7.0, Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0", Fonepad 7.0", Mediapad 7.0", Stream 7.0" etc.

Tablets 7.7" - 8.6"

The universal tablet case size M is suitable for all tablets with the screen size between 7.7" and 8.6". It is the perfect choice for instance for all iPad Mini, Samsung Galaxy Note 8", Samsung Galaxy Tab-S 8.4", Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4"  -tablets, any many more. 

Tablets 10.7" - 12.4"

The universal tablet case XL is the convenient alternative for tablets with the screen size  from 10.7" to 12.4". Practical protection for your Surface Pro 12", Galaxy Note Pro 12.2" and others.