Charging and syncing

Charging and syncing

Now everything you need for reliable and carefree charging and syncing of mobile phones and tablets from ALLit Webshop! We offer a wide selection of accessories for both conventional charging and QI-wireless charging from USB -charging cables in a multitude of lengths to handy devices that enable the QI wireless charging to a multitude of devices and even in the car! 

Charging and Syncing Cables

Reliable GRATEQ USB-charging and syncing cables in many lengths as a replacement or if you simply need an extra one! Choose the optimal length for your use!

Power Adapters

GRATEQ USB-power adapters are a practical power source for any portable devices that enable USB-charging. Power adapters are GS/TÜV, CE and RoHS certified.

Car Chargers

GRATEQ -car chargers are suitable for charging of tablets, mobile phones and other USB -chargeable devices 12/24V. They are GS/TÜV, CE and RoHS certified and have overcurrent and overvoltage protection.

Wireless Charging

GRATEQ Wireless Charging system offers all the necessary accessories for QI -wireless charging. Qi wireless charging is now possible also for many phone models that do not have it as a standard! 

Power Banks

Power Banks

An efficient GRATEQ -Power Bank for charging of phones and tablets on the road. You can use the power bank as a QI wireless power source or conventionally with a USB-cable.