GRATEQ USB-Power Charger 2.1A

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GRATEQ By Salcomp. The efficient 2.1A USB-Power Charger suitable for quick charging of tablets, smartphones, mobile phones and other USB-chargeable devices through a separate USB-cable.

The new GRATEQ-Power Charger is manufactured by Finnish Salcomp Oyj. Salcomp Oyj manufactures also the majority of Power Chargers for the main phone manufacturers, the GRATEQ Power Charger thereby being the first item that meets security and quality standards of the phone manufacturers' original power chargers!

Output 5V=2100mA

Technical information: AC/DC USB Power Charger 100-240V ~50/60Hz 450mAh


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Micro USB-cables GRATEQ Micro USB-cables GRATEQ
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GRATEQ Lightning-cables GRATEQ Lightning-cables
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USB Type C to USB Cable GRATEQ USB Type C to USB Cable GRATEQ
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GRATEQ 30 pin-cable GRATEQ 30 pin-cable
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