Screenor manufactures a wide array of protective cases and covers for mobile phones and tablets. There are trendy and colourful flexible covers and a comprehensive selection of stylish and smart Wallet Cases. You can select between the Premium genuine leather and modern leatherette cases. Each case has been designed with user-friendliness in mind. Our newest best-seller are the functional Universal Tablet cases, in which you will find a suitable alternative for any tablet with the screen size between 6.8" and 12.4". Come and pick your favourite colour! 


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To make your choice easier we have divided our cases and covers under two main categories, Premium and Modern.



The key unifying factor in all the products in our selective line of our Premium cases is that they are always manufactured of genuine leather. Special attention has been put to the design and details, and these cases are both functional and very stylish. The Premium cases protect both the front and the back of the device. The inner lining of the front cover is either smooth microfibre or soft leather, which protects the screen from wearing and tearing. The device is locked to the case to a polycarbonate holder, which has been designed to securely fasten the device. The front cover can also be used as a practical back stand for a practical viewing position. With a premium case you will be able to use your device optimally and make it look very stylish.


The cases of the Modern line are the right choice for you if you wish to have indistinguishable protection of your phone, or if you look for a way to make your phone trendy while protecting it properly. What a simple and affordable way to update your device a little the Modern cases are. You can play with a selection of tempting colours, simply pick your favourite - or get different colours for each day of the week!



Modern Smart Wallet cases are manufactured of leatherette, so you will get a very practical and durable, stylish case to a very reasonable price. The Smart Wallet Cases also offer seasonal colours to many marks, so it is easy to update the device and make it stand out. The inside of the front cover is either of smooth protective microfibre or soft leatherette. The Smart phone cases have slots for credit cards and a handy pocket for notes inside the front cover. Depending on the model, either the front or the back cover can be folded to a practical standing support.



Modern Flex Series is the most popular way to update your phone. Flex cases are made of flexible, shiny TPU which gives you a solid grip of the phone and good protection that can be quite indistinguishable if you opt for the transparent alternative, or the coloured alternatives can make your phone stand out, match your style and mood. The Flex cases are designed to fit as a glove to the phone but thanks to their flexible material, they are quick and easy to change as often as you like!

Together with a Screenor Screen Protector the Flex case has been a very popular way to renew and protect phones that are handed down to children in the family!



The special feature of the Modern Bumper cases are the slightly padded edges which give extra protection to the phone if you should happen to drop it. Modern Bumper cases come in a selection of colours but the back of the cases is milky transparent plastic, so this is a good choice for you if you are not sure how much colour you want to have in your phone.  



Modern Transparent cases are ideal for people who relly want to have as indistinguishable protection for the phone as possible. Transparent cases are manufactured of hard clear plastic that is so thin that once the case is in its place, you will hardly notice it.

Enjoy of the carefree use of your device and make it stay in prime condition for longer with the Screenor protective cases!