iPhone 6 Plus Covers and Cases

Screenor manufactures an extensive line of cases and covers for iPhone 6 Plus from different materials and in a complete range of colours.

Screenor wallet cases for iPhone 6 Plus are manufactured both in the luxurious Premium -collection, in which the cases are always made of genuine leather, and in The Smart -collection that offers you practical leatherette cases in a range of popular colours.

The transparent Flex cover protects your valuable phone but does not hide it, but you can also show your attitude by choosing another colour from our palette of 12 different colour options. We recommend the affordable Flex cover to everyone, even when you do not wish to keep the phone in a case all the time. The phone is very easy to insert and to remove from the case that holds it reliably. For complete protection we recommend the Screenor Screen Protector for the screen.  


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iPhone 6 Plus Premium Leather Case

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iPhone 6/6S/7/8 PLUS Bumper-case

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