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The shatterproof Screenor Premium Tempered screen protecting glass gives your Huawei P Smart -phone reliable protection against hits, bumps and scratches. It has been tempered by heating the glass material and it is 9 times stronger than the non-tempered standard glass. As the principal function of the screen protector is to provide additional protection to the phone, the screen protector may break from hardest hits but even then it remains a sheet of shards which is easy to remove. 


In addition, the screen protector has been given a special Screcoat -coating which provides the glass additional protection against scratches and makes the surface easier to wipe clean of fingerprints and other dirt.


The Full Cover glasses are primarily manufactured straight and covering the optimal maximum of the screen. Full Cover glasses attach to the screen with a specially formulated tape. There is no glue in the central area of the protector, which makes it possible for the screen protector structure to conform to the slightly curved screen of the phone. There is a crystalline decorative rim on the screen protector which covers the attaching tape. The best sensitivity between the screen and the protector is provided by minimal sensor spots which transfer the commands given by the user as optimally as possible.


The packet contains illustrated instructions and cleaning wipes.

Screenor Premium Tempered screen protectors are manufactured from high-quality Japanese materials.  





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